Air Ride Is Costing You Money

If you thought air ride suspensions were a good investment (or like many, never gave it a thought) you may be surprised to learn just how much they are actually costing you. Beyond their expensive purchase price, ongoing costs for maintenance, lost revenue for downtime, and increased fuel consumption and reduced cargo capacity (due to their weight), make air ride’s true cost more clear.

A wiser solution? SimilAir composite leaf springs. The most advanced product of its kind, SimilAir by Liteflex is rated up to twenty-five thousand pounds per axle and have no air bags, shocks or leveling valves to worry about. Less costly than air suspensions, our springs require virtually no maintenance and deliver a lower lifecycle cost for your operation. Thanks to SimilAir Composite Springs, fleet managers appreciate fewer service calls and reduced delays, while drivers acknowledge a ride similar to air.

SimilAir Composite Leaf Springs

The SimilAir spring delivers a soft, smooth ride and provides outstanding cargo and trailer protection. Our revolutionary design provides 50% more vibration damping than steel to improve ride quality and features “drive home” capability if overstressed. They offer good harshness feedback and virtually eliminate backslap and dock walk. 

SimilAir springs are 150 pounds lighter than a typical air ride system and 50-75% lighter than steel, improving fuel economy and payload capacity. Their unique, patented design is corrosion resistant and 3.5 times more durable than steel. Significantly lighter and less expensive than air systems, SimilAir is saving customers big money.

Similair SavingsBy our calculations, those savings could add up to $487 per year, per trailer! But don’t take our word for it – see for yourself just how much you can save with SimilAir™ Composite Springs over air ride. Enter your own variables into our savings calculator at to see your cost reduction with SimilAir.

Start saving today! SimilAir Composite Springs lead the way in performance and durability for the next generation of suspensions and are available for OEM and retrofit applications. Contact Bob Bauerle today at (937) 836-7025 ext 206 or Frank Lillie at (937) 750-5344 for more information.