Better suspensions for golf carts, community cars, and future autonomous vehicles.

DAYTON, OHIO – Driving in all climate and terrain types, golf carts require an ability to ride softly for comfort and safety, with an appropriate amount of stiffness to accelerate, brake, and corner with confidence. These and other vehicles also require lightweight and compact designs to enhance efficiency and range.

Composite leaf spring for golf cart

Properly engineered and applied suspensions can make a big impact on those driving and handling requirements. While traditional steel springs have often been relied upon, suspensions made of innovative composites can deliver the same ride with fewer parts, less weight, and improved durability. Those attributes are particularly valuable as an alternative to steel springs, which are susceptible to rusting and failure.

Manufactured with extremely durable, non-corrosive materials, Liteflex Composite Springs are more suitable to the harsh, all-weather conditions in which golf carts operate. Unlike their steel counterparts, our epoxy-based springs are unaffected by moisture, salts, fertilizers, and chemicals and require no maintenance.

Having designed composite springs for major manufacturers, Liteflex understands the constraints of weight, size, and performance for small, oftentimes electric vehicles. Our composite suspensions are built with quality, performance and safety and easily meet the demands of each application. Contact us today to explore options for enhancing the ride and reducing the weight of your design.