Tata Motors Partners with Liteflex to Modernize Passenger Transportation in India

In a market dominated by three-wheeled autorickshaws, Tata Motors’ introduction of the Tata Magic has begun to modernize India’s “last mile public transport” market. What has driven the popularity of the Tata Magic is its flexible multi-passenger design that also offers a higher suspension giving it a smoother ride and multi-terrain capability. With a blend […]

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How Did Chevy Reduce Vehicle Weight in the Corvette?

Liteflex composite leaf springs allowed Chevrolet to reduce vehicle weight on this yellow Corvette with white racing stripes

How can I reduce vehicle weight, but maintain safety and performance? How can I ensure my drivers will enjoy a smooth ride and precision handling? Automotive engineers and vehicle manufacturers have asked such questions for well over a century. Nearly 40 years ago, General Motors’ designers did, too, as they searched for ways to improve […]

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