Composite Springs Carry the Weight for Automotive Armoring

DAYTON, OHIO – Perhaps more than most, the automotive armoring industry understands the capability-versus-weight conundrum encountered when producing armored vehicles. More threat protection means more weight. More weight means less performance and efficiency. That tradeoff constantly drives manufacturers and installers to hunt for ways to trim vehicle weight.

Liteflex composite "helper"
spring for Chevrolet Suburban

Vehicle leaf suspensions are an ideal place to start looking, since they’re typically made of steel and can add hundreds of pounds per vehicle. Replacing them with epoxy-based composite springs can reduce that weight by two-thirds. For vehicles that already feature composite springs, they can be swapped out with beefier composites which feature a higher rate of deflection. Or, factory coil springs can be kept and just supported with composite “helper” springs. 

Regardless of the approach, Liteflex understands the importance of suspension systems capable of delivering a safe and smooth ride and designs products to do just that, but with less weight. Also manufacturing composite steer axle leaf springs for class 8 tractor rigs, Liteflex knows how to support intense loads. Continuously manufactured since 1981, our springs provide comfortable rides and rugged durability without maintenance costs.

Beyond saving weight, Liteflex Composite Springs also increase vehicle capacity, allowing for additional armoring options. While maintaining the vehicle ride height and never sagging over time, Liteflex springs do not corrode and feature temperature resistance (tG) up to 160C (320°F). Plus, our defect rate of zero ppm provides the assurance that Liteflex Composite Springs will deliver when they’re needed most.

Liteflex has designed composite springs for armored Chevrolet Suburban and Diamler Sprinter Van applications, but can engineer solutions for any vehicle. Whether you’re armoring for VIP, cash transfer or military vehicles, every Liteflex Composite Spring is designed to meet your specific need.

Liteflex also offers composite tire inserts for run-flat applications. They boast a lightweight yet rigid structure that maintains its shape and stability during pressure loss in traditional tires. They provide safe retreat for occupants and can be repaired or replaced using traditional tire repair equipment. Call us today for more information on how we can help you deliver a safer vehicle.