Composite tire insert expands focus on safety.

Run Flat Tire InsertDAYTON, OHIO – The Liteflex team understands that lives are literally riding on our equipment. That’s why we take safety so seriously when designing and developing new products.

To that end, Liteflex recently engineered and successfully road tested a composite run-flat tire insert to reduce the hazards of tire blow-outs and failure. Inspired by patents for the wheels used on the Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle, the Liteflex Composite Tire Insert boasts a lightweight yet rigid structure that maintains its shape and stability during pressure loss in traditional tires. It allows occupants to travel safely to a nearby repair shop without stopping to install a spare wheel. Furthermore, the damaged tire can be repaired or replaced using traditional tire repair equipment.

Ideal for both new and remanufactured tire applications, the Liteflex Composite Tire Insert is a low-cost solution that requires no additional maintenance or service beyond normal tire care. It can be manufactured for any tire size and once integrated is invisible, creating run-flat tires that are indistinguishable from their traditional counterparts.

While the Liteflex Composite Tire Insert is perfect for new tire production, it can also be used in remanufactured tires. Old tire tread is shaved down to a flat, smooth surface and the composite ring is applied around the slick. New treads are then applied over the ring with pre-cure, mold-cure, or bead-to-bead molding, creating a “safer-than-OEM” tire.

Designed for any application, the insert is especially ideal for lower RPM and short haul applications, such as military transports, box trucks, garbage trucks, tow trucks, construction vehicles, and similar fleets. By eliminating the need for a spare tire, the weight-savings means extended range and additional carrying capacity. For the warfighter, our servicemen and women get more armor, ammunition, and supplies when riding on the Liteflex Composite Tire Insert.

Our design team is eager to work with you on your application. Contact us today for more information on the Liteflex Composite Tire Insert and how it can impact safety and economy for you and your customers.