Integral Ball Joints Simplify Suspensions

DAYTON, OHIO – Liteflex has designed and produced a composite leaf spring which eliminates the A-arm and stabilizing bar. This integral ball joint spring was successfully tested and approved for a Peugeot van application, but the idea actually has a long history. They were used in Studebaker’s Planar Independent Suspension in the 1930s and have been proven effective in various forms by many major automakers. As the concept was refined, several patents resulted, such as US #3149855: Independent Wheel Suspension System For Motor Road Vehicles.

Using a leaf spring as both the spring and the lower control arm has been used in many production Fiat cars for decades. The original Fiat 500, 600, and 126 all used this type of front suspension, and more recently has been applied to the 2015 Fiat. The concept has also been proven to work by Opel, GM, and Smart Car.

However, unlike those heavy steel forerunners, the Liteflex version of this transverse composite leaf spring gives a softer ride while eliminating the stabilizer bar. When operated within its design parameters, composite leaf springs also outlast the life of the vehicle. Proof of this is demonstrated by Liteflex’s lack of replacement spring requests for virtually all of the 21 million springs that it has produced continuously since 1981.

Liteflex can design and develop an Integral Leaf Spring for your application and deliver a solution for your specific need. Inquire today to enjoy this weight-saving, part-reducing approach to a better ride.