LiteFlex Partners to Modernize the International Chassis Fleet

Kwik LogoAn estimated 20-30 percent shortage in available international chassis for hauling shipping containers creates opportunities. With international shipping container volumes increasing 7 percent in 2017, trucking companies are struggling to keep up with the volume and maintaining a modern international chassis fleet. With the advent of new federal truck safety regulations, aging international chassis fleets at major ports, and a shortage in truck maintenance workers, international chassis manufacturers like Kwik Equipment Sales are working to help address the issue.

Photo of semi truck trailer

New federal standards now require radial tires and LED lights, while trucking and leasing companies are demanding international chassis that are lighter and require lower maintenance to keep them in service for longer periods of time. Partnering with LiteFlex, Kwik Equipment Sales has designed and launched a modern international chassis. Utilizing Liteflex’s SimilAir™ trailer springs allowed Kwik Equipment to create an international chassis that is lighter in weight with increased payload capacity. Using modern composite springs requires less maintenance allowing trucking companies to keep the new international chassis in service longer improving profitability.

Photo of semi truck trailer springs


SimilAir springs are 50-75% lighter than steel, improving fuel economy and payload capacity. As a composite spring, they are also corrosion resistant and 3-1/2 times more durable than steel, reducing maintenance costs and downtime. Significantly less expensive than air systems and lighter and more durable than steel, SimilAir is the perfect choice for today’s chassis manufacturers.