Tata Motors Partners with Liteflex to Modernize Passenger Transportation in India

In a market dominated by three-wheeled autorickshaws, Tata Motors’ introduction of the Tata Magic has begun to modernize India’s “last mile public transport” market. What has driven the popularity of the Tata Magic is its flexible multi-passenger design that also offers a higher suspension giving it a smoother ride and multi-terrain capability. With a blend […]

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LiteFlex Partners to Modernize the International Chassis Fleet

An estimated 20-30 percent shortage in available international chassis for hauling shipping containers creates opportunities. With international shipping container volumes increasing 7 percent in 2017, trucking companies are struggling to keep up with the volume and maintaining a modern international chassis fleet. With the advent of new federal truck safety regulations, aging international chassis fleets […]

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Liteflex Activates 200,000 Sq. Ft. Plant to Meet Growth in Demand

DAYTON, OHIO – Liteflex, a global manufacturer of advanced composite suspension springs, announces the opening of their third production plant in Dayton, Ohio. Located at 3600 Maywood Avenue, this added manufacturing facility will boost production space by more than 200,000 square feet and will triple Liteflex’s capacity to meet continued sales growth. After sitting idle for […]

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Liteflex Hosts Former Corvette Chief Engineer, Composites Pioneer

Dave McLellan Corvette Pioneer

As an early pioneer in composites manufacturing, Liteflex is a heavyweight in lightweight engineering. So too, is a recent visitor to our facility – Dave McLellan. For those who might not know Dave, he is a former automotive engineer for General Motors, having joined in 1959 after graduating from Wayne State University. But most notably, […]

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Steer Axle Suppliers Focus on Weight Reduction

As reported by Transport Topics (at http://www.ttnews.com) Steve Sturgess; Contributing Writer; September 8, 2017   Shaving off weight has become a central objective of truck component design, and nowhere is that “lightweighting” trend more apparent than on the front axle. Several suppliers have introduced lighter steer axles in recent years as part of a broader […]

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How Do You Reduce Trailer Weight? Try Cush’s New Hybrid Slider

Cush Suspension's patent-pending Mechanical Optimized with Air (MOWA) system, featuring Liteflex Composite Springs, will reduce trailer weight and improve safety.

Fleet managers, truck manufacturers and owner-operators are always looking for ways to reduce trailer weight. Now, Cush Suspensions has given them a new way to do it. In March, Cush unveiled its latest patent-pending innovation at the 2018 Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) in Louisville, Kentucky. Their Mechanical Optimized with Air (MOWA) system may be the […]

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Visit Our MATS Booth and Learn About Composite Truck Parts

Attendees at the Mid-America Trucking Show 2018

Just a quick update for you today: the Liteflex team is in Louisville today for the 2018 Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS). About the Mid-America Trucking Show MATS is reportedly the largest annual trucking trade show in the world. It has been held in Louisville every year since 1972. The show typically attracts 75,000+ attendees from across […]

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Quality Truck Parts Start in Liteflex’s In-House Testing Center

The Liteflex testing lab

Years ago, to ensure that only the highest quality truck parts make it out of our plant and onto the market, we invested heavily in R&D. That led us to develop our own Liteflex lab and testing center. Today, we use that 4,500 sq. ft. lab to test our newest concepts and prototypes. And, every year, […]

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4 Ways to Save Fuel Cost and Reduce Maintenance for Your Service Fleet

A municipal or county service fleet

Growing demand, shrinking budgets and rising gas prices have city and county service fleet managers in Dayton — and everywhere else — searching for ways to save fuel cost. But there’s one opportunity for savings that many may not have considered: upgraded vehicle suspensions. The traditional leaf suspensions in your fleet are typically made from […]

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How Did Chevy Reduce Vehicle Weight in the Corvette?

Liteflex composite leaf springs allowed Chevrolet to reduce vehicle weight on this yellow Corvette with white racing stripes

How can I reduce vehicle weight, but maintain safety and performance? How can I ensure my drivers will enjoy a smooth ride and precision handling? Automotive engineers and vehicle manufacturers have asked such questions for well over a century. Nearly 40 years ago, General Motors’ designers did, too, as they searched for ways to improve […]

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