Production Ramps up for Tapered and Parabolic Leaf Springs

DAYTON, OH – Liteflex Composite Spring will be putting its patented (US Patent #9,016,705; Worldwide patent pending) tapered and parabolic springs into serial production beginning in March, with initial orders already approaching 200,000 springs for 2018.

These industry-leading springs are crafted with our unique manufacturing process and utilize highly efficient production methods which have been refined over several decades. The tapered and/or parabolic features allow for springs that are lighter in weight and are every bit as durable as their traditional composite counterparts. They can be designed and developed to meet every application and will deliver a ride comparable to other suspensions.

The Liteflex process also allows us to manufacture springs at a very high rate of production and in large volumes. With continuous production, we can manufacture these springs quickly for just-in-time delivery and at a highly competitive price.

Contact Liteflex today to learn how these composite springs can be engineered to your specifications for a suspension solution that is lighter, more durable and cost effective.