Welcome to Liteflex’s family of products and services. With a long history of innovation and success, our team stands ready to support your suspension and composites initiatives with design, engineering, production, and testing services.

Truck & Trailer Springs

Each year, millions of trucking miles are driven over the road to all locations. And wherever the road may take you, there’s one name in trucking that gets you there safely and reliably, every time … SimilAir. The most advanced product of its kind, SimilAir composite springs by Liteflex lead the way in design, development, and durability for the next generation of suspension.

Automotive & Light Truck Springs

For nearly 35 years Liteflex has been a leading provider of composite springs for the automotive and transportation industries. These environmentally friendly springs increase longevity, reduce weight and save fuel while providing better performance by most measures than their traditional counterparts. Installed in over 20 million vehicles around the world ...

Composites & Components

Liteflex has been designing, testing and manufacturing composite suspension springs for automobiles, trucks and trailers for nearly 40 years. With numerous patents and over 20 million springs produced, Liteflex remains focused on quality and customer satisfaction while delivering weight savings for vehicle and trailer manufacturers around the globe.

Military Applications

Liteflex provides build-to-print services for advanced materials and composites with experience serving as a Tier-II supplier for prime contractors on military and government prime contracts. We have invested in the equipment, people, process engineering and software to ensure smooth and efficient deliveries with an emphasis on perfectly timed, quality outcomes.