For nearly 35 years Liteflex has been a leading provider of composite springs for the automotive and transportation industries. These environmentally friendly springs increase longevity, reduce weight and save fuel while providing better performance by most measures than their traditional counterparts. Installed in over 20 million vehicles around the world, Liteflex’s innovative products are currently produced for General Motors, Daimler, Iveco, Hyundai, Fiat, and others. In addition, Liteflex is currently has two Hyundai applications in production as well as one Chineese application.

Exporting nearly 70% of all springs, Liteflex composite springs for the passenger and light truck segments enjoy many unique benefits over steel suspension systems. Chief among them are weight reduction for improved range, a better ride versus steel springs, and a suspension that cannot rust or corrode and will never sag.

Liteflex composite springs also offer manufacturers better packaging with systems that require less space. This allows for lower hood lines, elimination of coil towers and oftentimes lower drag coefficients. It can also provide for larger interior space and or the addition of more creature comforts without adding to the overall vehicle weight.

Liteflex is the only company in the world to successfully manufacture composite Class 8 steer axle leaf springs with continuous serial production since 1995. Class 8 composite leaf springs meet current MVSS standards based upon US Patent 9016705.

Truck Springs

Chevrolet Corvette

SPORT-TUNED COMPOSITE SPRINGS. Installed in every Chevrolet Corvette since 1981, Liteflex composite springs are 81% lighter than a comparable, ten-leaf steel spring would be. And by eliminating the coil towers, they also contribute to the Corvette’s iconic, low-profile look and improved aerodynamics.

2014 Chevrolet Corvette

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

TRANSVERSE FRONT SPRINGS. Liteflex’s transverse springs create space by reducing traditional suspension towers and reduce weight with composite materials and require smaller/lighter support structures, like stabilizer bars. The result is less weight and increased hauling ability.

Daimler Sprinter Van

Fiat Ducato

LIGHTER SPRINGS EQUALS MORE CAPACITY. 41% Lighter than their steel spring counterparts, the rear composite springs by Liteflex are featured on many Ducato conversions. This weight savings has allowed Fiat to include additional features and options while minimizing impact to the gross vehicle weight.

Fiat Springs

Iveco Daily

LIGHTER SPRINGS WITH A BIG IMPACT. The Iveco Daily enjoys Liteflex composite springs that are 62% lighter than their steel equivalents. This weight savings allows the Daily to improve efficiency while increasing capacity limits.

Iveco Daily Van


TO BE A SUPERIOR PRODUCT. Liteflex works with automotive manufacturers around the world to design and test composite suspension solutions for all types of vehicles. Both new and retrofit solutions can be engineered into vehicles of all size and purpose.

Our comprehensive design and testing capabilities utilizes a proprietary design software for composite leaf springs, the Liteflex Design System (LDS). With it, we can turn suspension designs and prototypes very quickly to meet the most demanding production schedules. In fact, prototypes can be delivered in as quickly as twelve weeks with completed verifiable design testing.

Production quality is powered by our proven automated production process. Extremely consistent in its delivery, this process has the flexibility to run multiple designs. Our proven quality is highlighted by our zero ppm rating for five years running and our GM Supplier Quality Awards received in 2013 and 2014.


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