FOR TOMORROW'S VEHICLES. Liteflex provides build-to-print services for advanced materials and composites with experience serving as a Tier-II supplier for prime contractors on military and government prime contracts. If you are seeking composite materials and manufacturing expertise, we have invested in the equipment, people, process engineering and software to ensure smooth and efficient deliveries with an emphasis on perfectly timed, quality outcomes. Liteflex is also fully compliant with DOD contracting and sub-contracting requirements. We are currently seeking HUB Zone Manufacturer certification.

We are always on the lookout to team with or assist in providing high strength, low mass part or component manufacturing requirements. Our successful history of working with major DoD primes to support demanding military requirements as an integrated service provider, while providing critical small business content, has proven we are a trusted partner/provider of finished complex glass and carbon reinforced composite parts and subassemblies. Our total manufacturing service from raw material to finished product, insures quality control traceability throughout the entire production cycle.

Liteflex’s proximity to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and the Air Force Research Laboratory allows contractor engineering and development personnel easy access during development and prototyping. In addition, our production faculties are located in America’s heartland, near the Crossroads of America (I-70 and I-75), providing easy access to all major transportation and distribution channels.


FMTV SUSPENSION. Liteflex has developed and tested several components for prime contractors serving the U.S. military. With product currently in the system, our most recent application was designed for the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) and includes the Walking Beam Composite Spring.

Oshkosh FMTV

Dayton-Wright Composite and Ceramic

The Dayton-Wright Composite and Ceramic Development Center is designed, manned and resourced to respond to new and emerging requirements for the manufacture of special, lightweight composite components. The 80,000 square feet production facility is set-up as an accelerator for composite companies transitioning from start-up to growth stage. With a synergistic layout, it allows products to move seamlessly from one area of production to the next while ensuring quality throughout the process.

Boasting an impressive array of equipment and space, the facility is equipped with a clean rooms, freezers, large presses (250 ton booking press, 320 ton long stroke compression; 1000 ton with vacuum; 1400 ton long stroke compression, PrePreg-Autoclave, Filament Winding, Quickstep Out-of-Autoclave, RTM & Compression Molding, Vacuum-Assisted RTM (VARTM) manufacturing processes, and one of the largest curing ovens in the midwest. It also hosts a unique machine/process called Quick Step for “out of autoclave” processing.