TRUCK & TRAILER SPRINGS. Each year, millions of trucking miles are driven over the road to all locations. And wherever the road may take you, there’s one name in trucking that gets you there safely and reliably, every time … SimilAir. The most advanced product of its kind, SimilAir composite springs by Liteflex lead the way in design, development, and durability for the next generation of suspension.

SimilAir springs are 50-75% lighter than steel, improving fuel economy and payload capacity. They are corrosion resistant and 3-1/2 times more durable than steel. They provide 50 percent more vibration damping to improve ride quality, and feature a “drive home” capability if overstressed. Significantly less expensive than air and lighter and more durable than steel, SimilAir is the proven choice for today’s short and long haulers.

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LESS COST; MORE CONVENIENCE. SimilAir composite springs are rated up to twenty-five thousand pounds per axel and have no air bags, shocks or leveling valves to worry about. Less costly than air suspensions (which require endless maintenance and repair), our springs help deliver a lower life cycle cost and maximum performance for your operation. Thanks to SimilAir Composite Springs by Liteflex, fleet managers appreciate fewer service calls and reduced delays and drivers acknowledge a ride similar to air.

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SIMILAR RIDE AND COMFORT. The SimilAir spring gives you a soft, smooth ride – a ride that provides outstanding cargo and trailer protection. Our revolutionary design offers improved vibration and harshness feedback and virtually eliminates backslap and dock walk. In fact, SimilAir composite springs are stronger than steel and a ride like air. But without shocks, airbags, and leveling valves, SimilAir means less maintenance costs and more dependability and uptime. Designed for direct retrofit to your trailer, you can say goodbye to those headaches, and hello to a new confidence in your hauling capability. Contact Bob Bauerle at (937) 836-7025 ext 206 for installation instructions.

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PROVEN TECHNOLOGY SAVES WEIGHT. With nearly 40 years of continuous production, Liteflex provides the lowest prototype costs and is fastest to production. Our proven process controls have resulted in consistent 0 PPM and have the flexibility to run multiple designs. With significant capacity and comprehensive design and testing capabilities, Liteflex is ready to deliver superior quality suspension engineering and production services to your next vehicle design. Trailer and steer axel designs covered by US Patent 9,016,705.

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MANUFACTURED SINCE 1981. Developed by the old Inland Division at GMC Materials Division, Liteflex has been family owned and operated since 2001. 65% Of production is exported to the global market, including countries like Germany, Sweden, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, China, Russia, India, South Korea, Argentina, New Zealand, Canada and Mexico. A few of the customers we’re proud to serve include:

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What's Next?

Liteflex is the only company in the world to successfully manufacture composite Class 8 steer axle leaf springs and has provided continuous serial production since 1981. We will soon be adding Class 8 composite leaf springs that meet current MVSS standards (based upon US Patent 9016705) to our lineup.

In addition to our standard production, Liteflex is currently producing two composite spring solutions for various Hyundai applications and one for a Chinese manufacturer.

With the help of one of our longtime transportation customers, Liteflex will be evaluating the extent of tire wear improvement with SimilAir springs. Ten new Volvo tractors will be outfitted with our springs and delivered in late 2017. Usage will be monitored over time to establish the effects of soft riding composite springs on tires and ultimately, maintenance cost.