How Do You Reduce Trailer Weight? Try Cush’s New Hybrid Slider

Fleet managers, truck manufacturers and owner-operators are always looking for ways to reduce trailer weight. Now, Cush Suspensions has given them a new way to do it.

In March, Cush unveiled its latest patent-pending innovation at the 2018 Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) in Louisville, Kentucky. Their Mechanical Optimized with Air (MOWA) system may be the world’s lightest air ride slider.

The MOWA employs Liteflex Composite Springs, which are much lighter than their traditional steel spring counterparts. That allowed Cush to trim 104 pounds off the assembly while preserving strength and durability.

In addition, MOWA’s mechanical portion supports its air system. That reduces even more trailer weight, because it eliminates spring beams, shock absorbers and other unnecessary hardware.

Fewer parts. Better safety.

Liteflex Composite Springs don’t just reduce trailer weight and streamline the number of maintenance-requiring parts. They improve driving safety, too.

In the event of an air system failure, Liteflex springs have a ride-home feature, so it allows drivers to continue to the nearest service station. That keeps them off highway shoulders — and out of danger.

Some drivers naturally hesitate to make the jump away from a technology they already know, because they’re comfortable using it. But composite springs offer comparable-to-air rides at a fraction of air’s cost, with fewer maintenance requirements.

Consequently, Liteflex president John Prikkel sees Cush’s unique hybrid solution as a nice bridge. For die-hard air riders, who might be learning about composites for the first time, the MOWA is an easy entry point.

“We worked through several phases of engineering and testing on a similar hybrid suspension years ago with a South Korean organization,” he said.

Now that Cush’s mechanical/air hybrid has finally come to fruition, Prikkel emphasized, “we look forward to its eager adoption by the trucking industry.”

A long record of helping the industry reduce trailer weight.

Liteflex has been expertly crafting composite springs for over 35 years. Consequently, we’ve become a trusted partner to the automotive and transportation industries.

We’ve delivered over 21 million springs to suppliers, like Cush Suspensions, and large truck manufacturers alike. Our customers include GM, Ford, Range Rover, Iveco, Kenworth, Peterbuilt, Freightliner and Navistar and others.

Liteflex is headquartered in Englewood, Ohio, in the logistics and manufacturing heartland of the United States, so it’s cost-effective and easy to export to customers worldwide.

We’ve worked with Eurozone customers in Germany and Italy. We’ve exported to other European manufacturers in Sweden, Poland, Ukraine and Turkey. And we’ve shipped to suppliers in Canada, Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, China, South Korea, India and New Zealand.

Are you ready to learn more about the cost-saving and safety-promoting advantages Liteflex Composite Springs could give your organization?

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