4 Ways to Save Fuel Cost and Reduce Maintenance for Your Service Fleet

Growing demand, shrinking budgets and rising gas prices have city and county service fleet managers in Dayton — and everywhere else — searching for ways to save fuel cost.

But there’s one opportunity for savings that many may not have considered: upgraded vehicle suspensions.

The traditional leaf suspensions in your fleet are typically made from steel. Steel is strong, of course, but it's also heavy. A steel leaf suspension adds hundreds of pounds to a vehicle's weight. And more weight to move requires more fuel to move it.

So, the problem is mathematical: if you can remove the steel, you can save fuel cost. But how can you do that? Obviously, a truck won't get very far without a proper suspension.

Luckily, we have an innovative, proven solution for you: Liteflex Composite Springs.

What are composite springs and how will they help you save fuel cost?

Liteflex's truck and trailer springs are made from a proprietary, environment-friendly fiberglass composite, rather than heavy metals. They give fleet managers' and owner-operators' vehicles the strength of a steel-based suspension at just a fraction of the weight.


Fiberglass composite is just as strong, but far less dense than steel. That density difference equates to significant weight savings — as much as 67% less weight, in fact. Simply put, fiberglass composite gets the same amount of load-bearing done with less "stuff" than steel.

And, if you multiply 67% reductions in suspension weight across every vehicle in your fleet, well... That's a lot less fuel you'll need to buy.

Or, you can buy the same amount of fuel, but increase your average load capacity, hauling more in fewer trips. That'll save you quite a bit on wear-and-tear maintenance.

You won't just save fuel cost, either.

Fiberglass composite doesn't wear down as easily as steel will. That translates into additional savings for service fleet managers.


Liteflex Composite Springs can take more punishment than traditional steel leaf springs.

Rocks, sand and other impacting foreign bodies can pit steel springs or cause micro-fractures to form in them. Our composite springs aren't as vulnerable to flying debris and grit.

Extreme heat or cold can make steel more likely to fail. But Liteflex Composite Springs feature temperature resistance (tG) up to 160C (320°F).

Composite springs won't degrade or corrode the way steel leaf springs will over time, either. They're nearly impervious to the road salts and de-icer chemicals that will quickly eat through a steel spring's finish and give rust an opportunity to form.

So, your vehicles will stay in service longer, with less downtime.

You may never have to replace your vehicles' composite springs.

Steel springs won't rebound once they've passed their load fail point. First they'll bend, then they'll break.

But fiberglass composite leaf springs aren't as brittle as steel springs are,  even though they're just as strong. Liteflex Composite Springs hold together when they're subjected to incredible pressures, then bounce right back into their original, factory shape, time and time again.

Our composite springs will tolerate as heavy a load as steel springs will. Because they'll give a bit more, though, they won't fail as often as steel springs will.

What's that translate into?

Longevity. No downtime for re-arching. No more welding and praying they'll hold. Often, our springs outlast a vehicle's service lifespan.

Our springs have a zero PPM defect rate, too. In almost 40 years of business, we can still count on one hand the number of times we've been called out to replace one of our composite springs in the field!

That's an incredible performance record, if you think about it. Our springs outlast the competition, simple as that. You're not going to have to buy as many replacements.

A smooth, quieter ride and less tire wear.

Many service fleet managers and owner-operators have reported to us that they achieved significant tire life gains, too, after switching from steel suspensions to Liteflex Composite Springs. Some were able to nearly double their tire life.

It's likely a result of the increased flex and weight savings that our composite truck and trailer springs provide.

Consider that, for a moment, in terms of reduced cost-per-mile across your entire fleet. You can save fuel cost, save on your maintenance budget and extend your tire life? Potentially game-changing, right?

Liteflex Composite Springs' elimination of metal-to-metal contact yields a quieter ride, too, although it's just as smooth a ride as steel, with comparable handling. Drivers who have made the switch tell us they love them and will never go back to steel springs, given the choice.

Satisfied drivers are, in turn, productive drivers who'll stick with your company for the long haul.

Back Up Your Fleet with Liteflex's Decades of Engineering Expertise

Located in Dayton, Ohio, Liteflex has been a leading manufacturer of composite springs for the automotive and transportation industries for nearly 40 years.

We're the only company in the world that has successfully manufactured composite Class 8 steer axle leaf springs. We've provided continuous serial production since 1994.

Our composite truck and trailer springs meet current MVSS standards. They're fitted with brake wind-up preventers, too, so you can rest assured that your drivers will experience safe and reliable handling when hard-braking.

Rigorously tested and road-proven, the 21+ million Liteflex Composite Springs we've produced have been used by manufacturers and fleets the world over. We have have significant export experience, including to the Eurozone, Asia and Eastern Europe.

Our springs are currently produced for new General Motors, Daimler, Iveco and Volvo vehicles (among others) and can be used to retrofit almost any manufacturer's models. Our composite springs are easy to install and require precious little maintenance.

Ready to put them to work on your fleet, save fuel and maintenance cost, and get a leg up? Have questions?

Then click here to contact us, or call Frank Lillie at (937) 750-5344. Let's get your service fleet rolling efficiently and cost-effectively!