Quality Truck Parts Start in Liteflex’s In-House Testing Center

The Liteflex testing lab

Years ago, to ensure that only the highest quality truck parts make it out of our plant and onto the market, we invested heavily in R&D. That led us to develop our own Liteflex lab and testing center. Today, we use that 4,500 sq. ft. lab to test our newest concepts and prototypes. And, every year, […]

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4 Ways to Save Fuel Cost and Reduce Maintenance for Your Service Fleet

A municipal or county service fleet

Growing demand, shrinking budgets and rising gas prices have city and county service fleet managers in Dayton — and everywhere else — searching for ways to save fuel cost. But there’s one opportunity for savings that many may not have considered: upgraded vehicle suspensions. The traditional leaf suspensions in your fleet are typically made from […]

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