Tata Motors Partners with Liteflex to Modernize Passenger Transportation in India

Photo of an AutorickshawIn a market dominated by three-wheeled autorickshaws, Tata Motors’ introduction of the Tata Magic has begun to modernize India’s “last mile public transport” market. What has driven the popularity of the Tata Magic is its flexible multi-passenger design that also offers a higher suspension giving it a smoother ride and multi-terrain capability. With a blend of modern and rural roadways in India, the Tata Magic offers passenger transportation companies greater use and reliability. The Tata Magic has quickly become a leader, capturing 85 percent of the passenger transportation segment.

One key design requirement for the Tata Magic was to develop a lightweight model that offered passenger transportation companies a vehicle that was durable and required less maintenance. With less developed roadways in some parts of India, the durability and performance of the suspension system were viewed as key components to the vehicle’s success. When looking for a modern, lightweight suspension system, Tata Motors turned to Liteflex and its composite spring system. Factors that drove Tata Motor’s decision were weight reduction for improved range, a better ride versus steel springs, and a suspension that cannot rust or corrode and will never sag. Furthermore, Liteflex’s epoxy construction and unique processes have created the market’s highest temperature resistance for composite springs. This feature not only provides confidence for drivers in hot regions around the world but also offered Tata’s engineers more flexibility when designing near the engine and exhaust systems.Photo of Tata Magic

“This is a case where market conditions, engineering and design all came together to create a successful vehicle and a successful partnership,” says John Prikkel, Liteflex President and Managing Partner.






Learn more about the development of composite leaf springs for Tata Magic at: https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/346a/30036c64dde36d07aeb33b22b069b9590dc4.pdf