Quality Truck Parts Start in Liteflex’s In-House Testing Center

Years ago, to ensure that only the highest quality truck parts make it out of our plant and onto the market, we invested heavily in R&D. That led us to develop our own Liteflex lab and testing center.
Today, we use that 4,500 sq. ft. lab to test our newest concepts and prototypes. And, every year, we use it to re-validate our parts' designs.
How do we do it?

Rigorous durability and strength tests yield quality truck parts.

In our lab and testing center, we routinely perform cycled jounce tests to verify that our Liteflex Composite Springs return to their starting position with no loss of memory.

Even after 1 million jounces, our composite springs continue to hold their form.

To guarantee our composite springs' performance on the road, we measure brake wind-up and load capacities, then repeatedly test our designs to their fail points. Often, they exceed original equipment manufacturers' (OEM) strictest performance specifications.

We push the stress parameters, too.

Our parts continue to optimally perform at high and low temperatures, at varying humidity levels, and even when repeatedly exposed to corrosives like fuels, de-icers and road salts. We simulate dry and wet road conditions, using our spray booth to accelerate tests through thousands of iterations.

Liteflex engineers even gauge our wind-up preventers' effectiveness, as you can see in this video.

Liteflex is a GM-recognized quality truck parts supplier.

Thanks in large part to our uncompromising pursuit of quality, Liteflex enjoys a zero-defect parts-per-million (PPM) rating. Our composite truck and trailer springs have an unparalleled safety record.

As a result, fleet managers and owner-operators know they can rely on us to keep their trucks on the road and out of maintenance bays. And truck part retailers and distributors know they won't get calls from dissatisfied drivers when they recommend our composite springs.

Vehicle manufacturers like General Motors (GM) have repeatedly recognized us for our efforts and for our parts' reliable performance. GM honored Liteflex with its Supplier Quality Excellence Award in every year it issued that designation.