Testing Center Supports Research, Development, and Quality

Years ago, Liteflex invested in developing its own internal testing center, housed within one of our finishing plants. The lab has been used to test new concepts and prototypes, evaluate spring durability over time, and revalidate parts every year.

It routinely performs cycled jounce tests to verify Liteflex Composite Springs return to their starting position with no loss of memory – even after one million jounces. Brake wind-up is also measured and wind-up preventers gauged for effectiveness. Load capacities and stress parameters are measured, ensuring quality design, engineering, and manufacturing.

High temperature and humidity chambers gauge durability in hot and/or wet conditions and spray booths provide accelerated testing to confirm they remain impervious to road salts, deicers, and transportation-related fluids and chemicals.

Thanks in large part to this in-house testing center, Liteflex enjoys a zero defect ppm and has been recognized by General Motors with a GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award for every year they have been issued. Along with superior materials and processes, these continued investments in testing ensure a quality product is delivered to you, every time.